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“More than 1 in 4 small businesses have closed in our Commonwealth during COVID-19, and many more are struggling,” said Ayala. “HB 2266 will help our small businesses and localities recover from COVID-19 and come out of this crisis even stronger. Thank you to my colleagues--Delegate Lamont Bagby, Delegate Jeff Bourne, Delegate Kelly Convirs-Fowler, and Delegate Martha Mugler--for working with me to pass this important legislation.” 

Our House’s historic budget shows that we are focused on providing our Commonwealth the support that is needed for Virginians during this crisis. It ensures that more families have the economic security they need as we look to recover from the pandemic. I know the struggles that a lot of our families are facing throughout COVID-19 because I’ve lived them. Our budget will help our families and small businesses weather this crisis and move Virginia forward.

HB 1891, to require public health training by state employees unanimously passed out of the Senate today. This bill will require the Department of Human Resource Management, alongside the Department of Health and Human Resources, to develop public health online training, including a pandemic and communicable disease preparedness, as a part of the safety and disaster awareness training already mandated for Commonwealth employees.

I hope you are staying safe and healthy! We made some terrific progress for our Commonwealth during this first week of February. 71% of my bills have passed the House and will be sent to the Senate! I was thrilled to see that all of my bills earned overwhelming bipartisan support. The House also met its crossover deadline on Friday afternoon. This deadline required for the House to complete all its legislation that needs to be sent over to the Senate for their action on it, and vice versa.

Virginia has consistently been a leader throughout the COVID-19 crisis, and our vaccination process is no exception. As we surpass 1,000,000 doses administered, I want to thank to Governor Ralph Northam, Dr. Norman Oliver, and  Dr. Danny Avula for their continued leadership throughout the pandemic.

Delegate Hala Ayala announced today that 5 of her bills to help working families and small businesses passed out of the House of Delegates and will now be considered by the Senate. Ayala’s bills will support the Commonwealth’s workers, women, and families during the COVID-19 pandemic and will move Virginia forward to a strong future as we recover from this crisis.