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I am proud to endorse Briana Sewell for the 51st House District. I’ve watched Briana grow as a leader in this community and I know she will be a champion for the 51st District. In Richmond, she will continue to move Virginia forward and fight for working families by improving transit, fully funding public schools, and increasing access to affordable healthcare.

While I wish I had better news, I have to notify you that COVID cases in Virginia are rising. We are now averaging about 4,000 cases per day, on average. This number is much higher than it has been anytime during this pandemic.

While we spend the holiday season each year with our loved ones, going out to shopping malls and restaurants, and doing other similar social activities, we must practice social distancing and other precautions this year.

With Thanksgiving coming up, many of you will want to gather with your loved ones. I am asking you to make one more sacrifice and limit any in-person social gatherings during this holiday season. We need to do this so more Virginians can see next year's Thanksgiving, and many more after that.

I am so grateful and excited for the broad support we’ve received throughout the Commonwealth thus far. I am proud of the momentum we’re building, and this is a testament that this is truly a people-powered campaign.

I am thankful to the many Virginians who have taken the steps to mitigate the virus’ spread. While our Commonwealth is doing relatively better than a lot of other parts of our country, we are currently experiencing a rise in cases. Now more than ever, we must continue to follow proper social distancing protocol.