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I know this pandemic has upended our lives. With Passover and other religious holidays coming up, now may be the time we would want to gather with our family, friends, and community. But we have to continue to remember the sacrifice we are making by staying at home so we can protect everyone’s health and safety.

Today marks the beginning of National Public Health Week. I think I can speak for most people when I say to our healthcare providers: THANK YOU! Our healthcare providers are putting their lives at risk every day to ensure we stay safe and healthy. I am so grateful for the sacrifice they are making.

Governor Northam talked about how after testing every resident in a nursing home in Virginia for COVID-19, 53 of the residents who tested positive showed no symptoms. This is just one indicator of how this insidious virus can infect so many people without the slightest physical sign.

Today, the Governor provided more information on COVID-19’s spread, emergency hospital locations, and the obtaining of more Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for our frontline healthcare providers.

There has been a huge development today - Governor Northam just issued a Stay at Home order. The details of his order can be found in the next section below, but basically, this means that we all have to do our part and stay at home during this difficult situation.

You’ve heard a lot of instructions over the past few weeks. You’ve seen a lot of your favorite stores and businesses close. And I know you have had to do without spending time with your friends and family, I thank you immensely for doing your part to make sure everyone is safe.