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Delegate Hala Ayala spoke on the House floor in observance of Black History Month on Friday afternoon honoring Black women who are facing a national emergency in the midst of COVID-19. Ayala, who is an Afro-Latina running for Lieutenant Governor and would be the first woman of color elected statewide in Virginia, was endorsed last week by Higher Heights, the only political action committee exclusively dedicated to electing more Black women.

"I am proud to endorse Delegate Hala Ayala for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia. Hala is exactly the type of leader we need in Richmond." Said Senator Lionell Spruill. "I've seen firsthand the crucial role that the Lieutenant Governor plays in the Senate and we need someone like Hala who can work to build coalitions and get things done. I hope you’ll join me in supporting Delegate Hala Ayala for Lieutenant Governor.”

I hope you are staying safe and healthy! We made some terrific progress for our Commonwealth during this first week of special session. I am happy to report that nearly all of my bills have already passed the Senate unanimously and are heading to Governor Northam’s desk. I am thrilled to see that all of my bills have earned overwhelming bipartisan support.

Higher Heights for America PAC is the only political action committee exclusively dedicated to electing more progressive Black women at the federal and statewide levels and as mayors in the 100 most populated U.S. cities. With the support of their rapidly growing network of members, activists, volunteers and supporters, Higher Heights PAC has helped Black women grow their political leadership and representation.  You can read more about their electoral successes here.

“Broadband is as essential of a utility as electricity in the 21st century,” said Ayala. “Our goal is to ensure that we can provide broadband access to every resident as fast as we can, and HB 1923 will help to accomplish this goal. We should be doing everything we can to foster innovation throughout our Commonwealth--not restrict it. Broadband access is a key part of rebuilding the post-COVID economy.”

"For our Commonwealth to heal and move forward into an equitable just future, we need to understand our past and its pain. We need to know and uplift the story of the more than 300,000 African-Americans who were sold into slavery, tortured, and killed at Lumpkin’s Jail. I’d also like to thank Governor Northam for including $9 million in this year’s historic budget to build a memorial in remembrance of these souls."