40 Leaders Across the Commonwealth of Virginia Endorse Hala Ayala for Lieutenant Governor

Ayala’s support from leaders across the Commonwealth demonstrates a powerful campaign with momentum heading into the New Year. 

Woodbridge — Delegate Hala Ayala’s campaign for Virginia Lieutenant Governor today announced 40 endorsements from leaders and elected officials across the Commonwealth, including Delegate Delores McQuinn, Delegate Danica Roem, Delegate Josh Cole, and Delegate Clint Jenkins. 

“I am so honored to be endorsed by so many of my friends, colleagues and leaders across the Commonwealth who share my vision for a Virginia where everyone has a seat at the table. This is a grassroots campaign supported by diverse and energetic leaders. Their leadership has been so crucial to the progress our Commonwealth has seen Virginia and I can’t wait to continue this good work.” Said Delegate Hala Ayala. 

"I've spent the last 3 years serving with Delegate Hala Ayala in the General Assembly, and I've seen her dedicated advocacy in women's rights, healthcare, and education.” Said Delegate Delores McQuinn. “Her work has already helped the lives of so many Virginians throughout our Commonwealth. She is a natural born leader and public servant, which is why I know that Hala will be an effective Lieutenant Governor. That is why I am proud to endorse and support Delegate Hala Ayala for Lieutenant Governor, and I hope every Virginian will join me." 

“Hala’s been a reliable partner, confidant and a true, genuine sister whose friendship and leadership I value so much in Richmond and Prince William County.” Said Delegate Danica Roem. “Del. Ayala’s values are rooted in her experience of overcoming struggles and hardships, which inform her incredible sense of empathy and compassion. I’ve seen Del. Ayala’s relentless hustle on the doors during the 2017 and 2019 campaigns. I’ve seen her heart on display on the floor of the House of Delegates. Delegate Ayala loves Virginia. I’m proud to endorse Hala Ayala for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia.”

“Hala listens and brings people together to move Virginia forward. During these uncertain times, preparedness and compassion are needed from our leaders. From her leadership in the community and in the House of Delegates, I know that she will bring those values to the table.” Said Delegate Josh Cole. 

“Having worked with Hala, I know she has a servant’s heart. A proven leader whose contributions extend to the fabric of our nation, its security and prosperity, she knows where we’re going and how to get us there.” Said Delegate Clint Jenkins. 

Other leaders in the state said; 

“Our country and our Commonwealth face so much division and divisiveness, and we need leaders who understand that and are actively working to address it. Hala is the bridge builder who can bring together our communities and bring about real, lasting, and meaningful change.” Said Prince William County NAACP President Cozy Bailey 

“I am proud to endorse Delegate Hala Ayala to lead the Commonwealth of Virginia as Lieutenant Governor. Delegate Ayala is – was – and will continue to be – a fierce ally and defender of Virginia's families.” Said Former State Senate Candidate Kim Howard. “Her unwavering dedication to improving the lives of all Virginians was seen in her fervent support to expand Medicaid, her support of public school teachers, and women’s rights. Ayala fully exhibits the experience, dedication, thoughtfulness and steady hands that will work to ensure Virginians’ quality of life will continue to improve across the entire economic spectrum.  For these reasons, I am proud to stand with Delegate Hala Ayala.” 

"I am proud to support Delegate Hala Ayala for Lieutenant Governor. As a retired Navy Master Chief, I know it's important to have strong, resilient leaders steering the ship. In the House of Delegates, Hala has been that leader, and I look forward to seeing what she can do as Lieutenant Governor." Said Susan Hippen, former candidate for Virginia State Senate. 

"Hala has served our community for many years.  She commits herself to listening  and finding solutions for all whom she serves.  As Lieutenant Governor I know Hala will put service first, and that's why I am proud to support her.” Said Dumfries Mayor Derrick Wood. 

"I am proud to endorse Hala Ayala for Lieutenant Governor. As a small business owner, we need champions like Hala Ayala fighting for us in the General Assembly.” Said Dumfries Vice Mayor Monae Nickerson. “As Vice-Mayor of Dumfries, I know that Hala will bridge the divide between our localities and state government, creating a better partnership for our communities." 

"As a delegate, Hala Ayala advocated for our students and teachers. As Lieutenant Governor, she will be a champion for our public schools. That is why I am proud to endorse her candidacy for Lieutenant Governor." Said Prince William School Board Member Loree Williams 

"I am proud to support Delegate Hala Ayala for Lieutenant Governor.” Said Dumfries Towncouncil member Cydny Neville.  “She has been a leader on disability rights and equity, and we need her to continue her great work as the next Lieutenant Governor of Virginia." 

"I am proud to support Delegate Hala Ayala for Lieutenant Governor. She has been a leader on disability rights and equity, and we need her to continue her great work as the next Lieutenant Governor of Virginia." Said Dumfries Towncouncil member Selonia Miles. 

“It is my honor to support the candidacy of Hala Ayala for Lieutenant Governor.”  Prince William County School Board Member Lillie Jessie. “She has represented the 51 st District professionally and productively during her tenure. She is a hands-on leader.” 

Ayala’s full list of endorsers includes:

  • Delegate Delores McQuinn 
  • Delegate Danica Roem 
  • Delegate Josh Cole
  • Delegate Clint Jenkins
  • Mayor Derrick Wood, Dumfries
  • Mayor-elect Michelle Davis-Younger, Manassas
  • Vice Mayor Monae Nickerson, Dumfries
  • Councilwoman Stephanie Lynch, Richmond
  • Councilwoman Mike Jones, Richmond
  • Councilwoman Amy Jackson, Alexandria
  • Councilwoman Mark Wolfe, Manassas City 
  • Supervisor Andrea Bailey, Prince William County 
  • Supervisor Victor Angry, Prince William County 
  • Councilwoman Cyndy Neville, Dumfries 
  • Councilwoman Selonia Miles, Dumfries 
  • Councilwoman Brian Fields, Dumfries 
  • Vice Chair Barbara Kanninen, Arlington 
  • School Board Member Loree Williams, Prince William County 
  • School Board Member Lillie Jessie, Prince William County 
  • Commonwealth Attorney Bryan Porter, Alexandria 
  • Clerk of Court Greg Parks, Alexandria 
  • Sheriff Alisa Gregory, Henrico 
  • Treasurer Patricia Ritchie Folks, Manassas 
  • Stacey Sher, Executive Producers of FX’s Ms. America and women’s right’s activist 
  • Kim Howard, Former candidate for Senate District 7 
  • Susan Hippen, Former candidate for Senate District 7 
  • Steven Burkarth, Former candidate for Henrico County Board of Supervisors 
  • Marques Jones, Former candidate for Henrico County Board of Supervisors
  • Terron Sims, Vice Chair for DNC Veterans and Military Families Council 
  • Mike Velasquez, Regional Coordinator of DNC Veterans and Military Families Council
  • Richard Jessie, Prince William County Community Leader
  • Cozy Bailey, Prince William County NAACP Chapter President 
  • Amanda Linton, Women for Biden State Leader 
  • Lisa Sales, Women’s Rights Activist 
  • Ernestine Jenkins, Prince William County Community Leader 
  • Al Brooks, Prince William County Community Leader 
  • Frank Callahan, Henrico County Community Leader 
  • Monica Hutchinson, Henrico County Community Leader
  • Sara Townsend, Prince William County Leader
  • Jennifer Jessie, Prince William County Leader