Ayala Bill to Expand Broadband Access Unanimously Passes Virginia Senate

Delegate Hala Ayala’s bill will expand broadband access throughout the Commonwealth and close the digital divide

WOODBRIDGE, VA - Delegate Hala Ayala’s legislation, HB 1923, to expand broadband access in the Commonwealth unanimously passed out of the Senate today. This bill will close the digital divide that our Commonwealth faces by allowing municipal broadband authorities to participate in the Dominion and Appalachian Power pilot program.

“Broadband is as essential of a utility as electricity in the 21st century,” said Ayala. “Our goal is to ensure that we can provide broadband access to every resident as fast as we can, and HB 1923 will help to accomplish this goal. We should be doing everything we can to foster innovation throughout our Commonwealth--not restrict it. Broadband access is a key part of rebuilding the post-COVID economy.”

In addition to HB 1923, the Senate unanimously passed Ayala’s bill to require public health and safety training, to review a 30-day waiting period for auto insurance refunds, and to create outdoor refreshments areas to support small businesses. Ayala’s legislation to assemble a Fetal and Infant Mortality Review Team unanimously passed the Senate’s Education and Health committee.