Del. Hala Ayala’s Statement on Violence in Our Nation's Capital

WOODBRIDGE — Delegate Hala Ayala today released the following statement on the violence that erupted today in Washington DC fueled by President Trump’s dangerous rhetoric. 

“This is an attack on our Democracy and everything our country stands for. President Trump has undermined our security, threatened our Constitution, and endangered public servants,” said Delegate Hala Ayala. “Thank you to the Capitol Police and all law enforcement officials who put themselves in danger to protect everyone who works in our U.S Capitol. 

I am grateful for Governor Northam’s leadership and actions to help keep our nation's Capitol safe. We need leaders who are willing to put our country above politics to do what is right. 

Tonight I extend my thoughts and prayers to the U.S Capitol employees, our Representatives, their staff, and law enforcement, but most of all, our country, during this most difficult time. I have hope that our Democracy will prevail.”