Delegate Ayala Denounces Furlough and Recounts Hardship

Richmond, VA- Monday, Delegate Hala Ayala spoke on the House Floor of the General Assembly to denounce the furlough, now the longest in U.S. history at 23 days. Delegate Ayala gave her personal experience on having been furloughed in 2013 for three weeks.

“When I was furloughed, I thought it would last only a few days (4 maybe 5 days) at least I hoped, but in fact it lasted almost 3 weeks” Delegate Ayala continues “The impact of the shutdown is large and expands beyond the federal employees and contract employees. It affects our economy, our communities, and all of us who rely on a functioning government to pursue our livelihoods and provide for our families.” Delegate Ayala concluded, “Mr. Speaker, it is my duty to speak out, not only as a delegate, but as a member of the community, as this irresponsible and harmful to our nation and the Commonwealth.

President Donald Trump has refused to sign legislation that would fund the government until funds for building a border wall are included in the budget resolution.

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