Delegate Hala Ayala Announced as Vice-Chair of Science and Technology Committee

RICHMOND - Today, Speaker-designee Eileen Filler-Corn announced vice-chair positions for all of the standing House committees. Delegate Hala Ayala (HD-51) was among these appointments as Vice-Chair for the Science and Technology Committee.

"I am thankful to the Speaker-designee for this appointment to serve as the Vice-Chair in the Science and Technology Committee. Drawing on my professional career in national security and information technology, I hope to continue improving Virginia’s technological infrastructure and help our Commonwealth address the advanced challenges that will come with the new decade," said Delegate Ayala.

Delegate Ayala has work experience in national security as a cybersecurity specialist for the Department of Homeland Security. She brings with her the knowledge and expertise required to tackle issues that come before the Science and Technology Committee.


Delegate Hala Ayala was re-elected to her second term in the House of Delegates earlier this year. She is a cybersecurity expert and has been a resident of Prince William County for over 35 years