Delegate Hala Ayala Introduces 2021 Legislative Agenda Focused on Virginia’s Working Families

Ayala’s legislative agenda will support Virginia women, workers, and families as they weather the COVID-19 pandemic and economic recovery

WOODBRIDGE -  Delegate Hala Ayala introduced her legislative agenda for the 2021 session this morning, which is focused on supporting the Commonwealth’s workers, women, and families during the COVID-19 pandemic and moving Virginia forward to a strong future as we recover from this crisis. Among the bills introduced, Ayala is patroning legislation to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) and hazard to essential workers, to establish Paid Family and Medical Leave to Virginia workers, to train state employees on public health and safety, and to study fetal and infant mortality throughout the Commonwealth including racial disparities. In addition to her legislation, Delegate Ayala will also be introducing a budget amendment to raise teacher pay by 2%

“As a single mom who was trying to make ends meet working at a gas station when my first child was born, I know the struggles that a lot of our families are facing right now because I’ve lived them,” said Ayala. “That is why I am focusing this session on passing legislation that will provide much-needed support during the crisis and ensure more families have the economic security they need as we recover.”

Ayala also introduced legislation to expand access to broadband in rural communities, to create outdoor refreshment areas and to remove a 30-day waiting period for auto insurance refunds. She will also continue to serve as the Vice-Chair of Communications, Technology, and Innovation, Chair of the Technology and Innovation subcommittee, and the Chief Deputy Whip of the Democratic Caucus.