Delegate Hala Ayala Raises More Than Any Democrat Running for Re-Election

Freshman incumbent heads to November with a hefty warchest and strong grassroots support

WOODBRIDGE (September 17, 2019) - Delegate Ayala raised a whopping $243,109 in July and August, the most of any Democrat running for re-election. Of the contributions received in the last two months, 75 percent were less than $100.

"The people power of this campaign is undeniable, and this most recent filing is further proof of that. Delegate Ayala has kept her word to the people of the 51st District, which is why so many voters are eager to support her re-election,” said Campaign Manager Lucy MacIntosh, “Delegate Ayala has outworked and outraised her competition every quarter, and she’s not stopping now."

Delegate Ayala outraised her challenger more than 5:1 in the most recent filing and heads to November with a warchest of $267,856, ready to communicate her strong record to voters.

Delegate Ayala was one of the historic 15 Democrats to flip a Republican-held seat in the Virginia House of Delegates in 2017, and she is one of the first Latina women ever elected to the Virginia House. During her 2017 campaign, she promised to bring Medicaid expansion to Virginia, which she helped to deliver in her first session in Richmond. Delegate Ayala has raked in a number of endorsements, including the IAFF, VA AFL-CIO, the League of Conservation Voters, and Planned Parenthood.