HB 201 (Same Day Voter Registration) passes the Virginia House of Delegates

RICHMOND - Today, the​ Virginia House of Delegates​ passed ​Delegate Hala Ayala’s​ HB 201 which enables voters in the Commonwealth to register to vote up to and including election day.

“Virginia currently ranks 49​ out of 50 states regarding how difficult it is to vote. The p​assage of HB 201​ is one very important step to breaking down barriers that Virginians face when trying to access the ballot box,” s​tated Delegate Ayala.

Delegate Ayala is the Patron of HB 201 and has been one of the legislative leaders in electoral reform since joining the General Assembly in 2018. Her major legislative priorities center around providing equality and equity to all Virginians.


Delegate Hala Ayala is the Vice-Chair of Communications, Technology, and Innovation, Chair of the Technology and Innovation Sub-Committee, and the Chief Deputy Whip of the Democratic Caucus. She is a cybersecurity expert and has been a resident of Prince William County for over 35 years.