ICYMI: Where Is Winsome?

In case you missed it, early voting is in full swing and Delegate Hala Ayala has been hard at work criss-crossing the Commonwealth to hear directly from Virginians about the issues they’d like to see addressed in Richmond. Meanwhile, extreme Republican candidate Winsome Sears has been “off the radar” according to the Virginia press corps after going “rogue” by declaring she would bring Texas’s radical abortion ban to Virginia and firing her entire campaign staff in one night.

Virginia Scope: Where is Winsome?
By: Brandon Jarvis, 09/21/21

The lieutenant governor nominee Winsome Sears has been off the radar for quite some time after being absent from Republican events over the weekend. This has people asking where the number two nominee on the Republican statewide ballot is?

A few weeks ago, Sears told Newsmax that she would support the new Texas abortion ban. That is a contradiction to what Glenn Youngkin has been saying at the top of the ticket. The comment from Sears resulted in direct backlash for Youngkin who once told someone secretly recording him that he cannot campaign hard on abortion in Virginia because he would lose Independent voters.

Sources with knowledge of the situation say that Sears went rogue in that interview and most of her staff did not know she was going to express support for the Texas law.

Not long after her Newsmax interview, Sears fired her entire campaign staff in one night — by email from a law firm. Ever since then, her appearances on the trail have been scarce. She was notably absent Friday when the Republican ticket campaigned across Virginia.

Her candidate page on Facebook lists no upcoming events.

Her new campaign spokesperson has not responded to any questions about her absence. Sears did not respond to direct inquiries, either.

People within the Republican Party of Virginia did not provide comment for this story.