ICYMI: Winsome Sears Admits She’s Too Extreme for Virginia

After explicitly stating that she supports bringing a Texas-like six-week abortion ban to Virginia, Winsome Sears is now admitting that her views are too extreme for the Commonwealth. According to the Sears campaign, Winsome’s radical policies on banning abortion “could never have the votes to pass” — an accurate assessment considering 79% of Virginians support protecting access to abortion. 


The Hill: Virginia GOP lt. gov. nominee says she would support heartbeat abortion legislation

By: Julia Manchester, 09/04/2021

Virginia Republican lieutenant gubernatorial nominee Winsome Sears said on Friday that she would support heartbeat abortion legislation amid the fallout over a Texas law that bans abortion as early as six weeks into a pregnancy. 

"Well, I can tell you that would be me, that I would support [it]," Sears told Newsmax on Friday.

The comments come as Virginia Democrats have gone on the offensive on abortion, citing the recently passed Texas abortion law that would restrict abortion as early as the sixth week of pregnancy, when many women don’t know they’re pregnant.

Sears's campaign said in a statement to The Hill that the law passed in Texas would not pass in Virginia's General Assembly. 

"While Winsome personally supports protecting life and the most vulnerable, as a former legislator herself she also recognizes that Virginia is very different from Texas, and that legislation could never have the votes to pass the Virginia General Assembly," the campaign said. 

A spokesperson for Republican gubernatorial nominee Glenn Youngkin said the campaign agrees with the assessment from the Sears campaign, adding that "the Virginia legislature is very different than the Texas legislature."  


Ayala touted the importance of electing a lieutenant governor in favor of abortion rights in a statement on Saturday, citing the lieutenant governor's tiebreaking role in the state Senate, which is currently split 20-20. 

"As Lieutenant Governor, I’ll never stop fighting to protect our fundamental rights," Ayala said. "Unfortunately, my opponent simply can’t say the same."

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