ICYMI: Winsome Sears Insults Virginians, Highlights Weakness in Her Own Policy Platform

We all know it’s easier to throw rocks at a house than it is to build one, but we can and should expect more from our elected leaders. By claiming businesses won’t come to Virginia because Virginians are “uneducated,” Winsome Sears is insulting voters and only pointing out more flaws in her and Glenn Youngkin’s own policy platform, which aims to defund public education. 

Here are the facts: 

  • CNBC named Virginia #1 for business for the second straight time. 
  • The General Assembly’s Democratic majority has made huge strides in empowering workers, no thanks to extremists like Winsome Sears. Democrats have delivered “protections for domestic workers, expanded accommodations for pregnant workers, added protections against sexual harassment and increased the minimum wage.”
  • The best way to continue this momentum is by investing in initiatives like Governor Northam’s Get Skilled, Get a Job, and Give Back (G3) program, which provides two years of free community college for students who train in high demand professions like information technology and medicine. 

Delegate Hala Ayala has already proven she can and will deliver for Virginia students and workers:

  • As chief deputy whip in the House of Delegates, Hala partnered with Governor Northam to promote equity in our public school systems, increase the student to counselor ratio, and provide funding to fix our crumbling school infrastructure.
  • Hala co-patroned legislation to establish Governor Northam’s G3 program and foster a school-to-work pipeline.
  • As Virginia’s next Lieutenant Governor, Hala will continue to prioritize college affordability, expand Governor Northam’s G3 program, and increase funding for internship and apprenticeship programs.

The Bottom Line: In order to keep the Commonwealth #1 for business and build on the progress Democrats have made to empower workers, Virginians need Hala Ayala and Democrats fighting for them in Richmond.