A Message From My Heart

I am devastated and heartbroken over the recent revelations in Virginia. It has been painful to reconcile what we have learned with the people I thought I knew. People I stood by, fought with, and voted for. However, the truth should always come to light. Recreational degradation of people of color has no place in our state. All survivors deserve to be believed and have the space and support to come forward. Today is no exception.

First and foremost, I am an American, and proud Virginian, a woman, a person of color, and a mother. I am committed to continue fighting for my constituents and working with my colleagues to find a path forward to restore the trust of all Virginians and to do the jobs we were elected to do. It is incumbent on upon our public servants to build the trust of our constituents.

Know that I still believe that our state is one that is full of opportunity, justice, and love, and will continue to advance these very principles. I welcome the soul searching and challenging conversations that must be had with the voices that are too often stifled. While I do not know what facts will come to light in the next few days, I have faith in our Commonwealth, and believe in a better tomorrow.

Here is a link to our Virginia Legislative Black Caucus Statement.

Here is a link to our Virginia House Democratic Caucus Statement.