Passage of HB 201 caps off historic General Assembly session

RICHMOND - The Virginia General Assembly passed Delegate Hala Ayala’s HB 201 after completing the bill’s conference committee. HB 201 enables voters in the Commonwealth to register to vote up to and including Election Day. Virginia is 49th out of 50 states in how difficult it is to vote, and the passage of HB 201 along with the slate of other election related bills will begin breaking down barriers that Virginians face when trying to access the ballot box.

The House of Delegates will adjourn today after a successful General Assembly session. The new Democratic majority passed several pieces of progressive legislation that will help working Virginia families throughout the Commonwealth. These bills centered around women’s rights, equality for all, gun sense, and environmental protection.

“I am so proud to finally see the passage of so many great bills this session that are going to save lives and protect Virginians throughout our Commonwealth, especially my constituents in Prince William County” says Del. Ayala . “Last fall, Virginians showed up in masses to demand action on gun violence, election reform, civil rights, and climate change. Our new majority delivered on our promise by passing numerous pieces of common-sense firearm legislation, HB 201 and the other voter rights bills, the ERA, and several bills to combat climate change. I am so proud to be a leader in this new progressive majority. We are just getting started for Virginians.”

Delegate Ayala’s other passed legislation include a bill that would study how the Commonwealth can guarantee retirement plans to all workers, and two bills that combat coal ash pollution. Additionally, she was the Chief Co-Patron of the Equal Rights Amendment. She served as the Vice-Chair of Communications, Technology, and Innovation, Chair of the Technology and Innovation Sub-Committee, and the Chief Deputy Whip of the Democratic Caucus.


Delegate Hala Ayala began her second term in the House of Delegates earlier this year. She is a cybersecurity expert and has been a resident of Prince William County for over 35 years.